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Organic Bud Vase

Organic Bud Vase

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Our bud vases are sure to make a statement with your fresh or dried florals. Each bud vase is made from hardwood, shaped to its own unique form, sanded, and finished with a water resistant oil and wax.

Bud vases contain a plastic vase, 4 inches deep with a 5/8 inch opening.

Ancho (meaning wide in Spanish) Style is wider with a more gradual curve. 

Ancho Small: 3.5w x 4.5h
Ancho Medium: 4.5w x 6h
Ancho Large: 6w x 7.5

Alta (meaning tall in Spanish) Style is taller with a greater curve. 
Alta Small: 3w x 5.5h
Alta Medium: 4w x 7h
Alta Large: 4.5w x 8.5h

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